At Washington Catholic, we believe in educating the whole child: we strive to provide an education for a lifetime, not just teaching to a test.  Our students benefit from rigorous academic studies, but they also learn and grow through faith formation, service, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.  With a 100% graduation rate and a 100% acceptance rate to post-secondary institutions or training programs, our students graduate ready to pursue their dreams.  Built on a foundation of faith and enhanced by student support services, a caring staff, and opportunities to develop interests and gifts, WC students are the future of our parish and community.

Educating the whole child means more than core class subjects, it means providing opportunities for students to discover their own interests, develop their talents, and practice the teachings of Christ through a lifetime of service.  Everything we do at Washington Catholic, from our dress code to weekly Mass, from college campus visits to robotics competitions, from guitar lessons to STEM lab activities – everything is centered around helping your child become the person God intended them to be.

At Washington Catholic, we believe that athletics provides an excellent opportunity for our young people to develop mentally, physically and spiritually while at the same time learning valuable life lessons like teamwork, morality, sportsmanship, discipline, time management and so much more.

Athletics at Washington Catholic are simply an extension of the academic classroom. We are blessed to have coaches who utilize coaching techniques to teach their student-athletes lessons that will benefit them far beyond their days as Washington Cardinals.

We invite parents and students to experience first-hand our dedication to sportsmanship by attending one of the many competitions that we host at Washington Catholic.

GO Cardinals!!

Washington Catholic offers a strong educational program which is accredited by the Indiana Department of Education and is a member of the Indiana Nonpublic Education Association. The curriculum is designed to recognize the needs and differences of individual students, to develop students’ potential in accordance with ability, and to equip graduates to live and find success in today’s complex world. To assist students in recognizing and developing their full potential, students are taught appropriate methodologies, strategies, and current technologies in all areas of the curriculum to solve problems accurately, effectively, and creatively. Students attending Washington Catholic have the opportunity to enroll in a number of dual credit courses. Small class size allows for individual attention to students and the building of close relationships between the experienced faculty and the students. Students graduate well prepared for their future academic and professional pursuits.