PowerSchool – Our Student Information System

We are pleased to announce that Washington Catholic Schools, in conjunction with each Catholic Diocese of Evansville school, has made the transition from Sycamore to PowerSchool as our Student Information System (SIS).  Though we continue to learn about the full capabilities of this system and how those applications can benefit students and families at Washington Catholic, the initial framework is in place to invite you and your student/s to join the parent and student portals.

The PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online portable you can access anywhere on the web that will allow you to access real time information about your children in one place.  Through this platform, you’ll be able to see your student’s attendance, grades, assignments, scores, and read school bulletins for important updates and information.  Students also have access to this information on their portal, allowing Washington Catholic students to develop important skills to reach their academic goals with real time information about assignments and grades.

Your child was given a letter detailing directions for setting up their account on the Washington Catholic Student Portal.  This letter also provides the codes necessary for parents to create an account on the Washington Catholic PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Each student has a unique access ID you may use to link them to your account.

Please feel free to contact your child’s school if you have questions about this exciting change.  While we are still in the beginning phases of this transition, we look forward to providing such benefits as:

  • Real-time notifications about grades, attendance, and class announcements
  • Interactive calendars for a big-picture view of your child’s workload
  • Easy, quick, and secure communication with your child’s teachers
  • A PowerSchool mobile app that allows you to support your child’s education while on the go!

Please create your account on the PowerSchool Parent Portal today!

SchoolMessenger – Our Notification System