The child’s life in preschool/daycare is primarily a life of guided play. With a child, play is a great avenue for learning.  The spontaneous energy, curiosity, and inventiveness of young children are sources from which a lifetime of  learning can develop.

Learning at this age consists of learning to think magically, make friends, follow rules, be independent, socialize, but mainly learning to use one’s body and senses.  Little children must see, touch, and experience.  At WC Preschool, children participate in many “Hands-on” activities that allow them to experience what they are learning in a meaningful way.  Learning is interesting and fun while also establishing self-esteem.

Preschool is a very important part of a child’s life.  Young children learn best through play.  Using all of their senses, they eagerly explore the world around them.  Work and play are not separate activities to children whether they are playing “house”, “space”, or “school”. At WC, children are always stretching their knowledge of the world and themselves – all while building a can-do attitude toward learning.

Preschool students at WC celebrate the milestones of learning and kindergarten prep. Teachers prepare not only the 4-5 classes but the 3-4 classes, too, with a skill set to prepare them for building a strong foundation. We cover a wide variety of skills in areas such as Tucker Sign-language, letter recognition, number recognition, computation, public speaking, social studies, and science. This program was designed by the teachers who currently teach kindergarten at WC. We feel this gives a great insight to the major areas of focus for learning.

As teachers and daycare providers, we strive to communicate to our young children the high regard that we hold for learning. Young children have an extraordinary antenna for picking up on what adults value and cherish.

We at Washington Catholic Early Childhood Development Program intend to make learning interesting and fun while establishing confidence with Christian morals and values.